Sunday, 27 February 2011


The place I called home. Yeah it’s my home sweet home. My home, that is not comparable. Full of love. Full of loving people too. I’ve stayed in Shah Alam since I was 10 years old. So, I went to the primary and secondary schools nearby my house. Stayed at that house for at least 11 years. Just last year we moved to a new house.

Well, here in Sheffield too. I have a home with a bunch of people who makes me laugh and cry together. They are absolutely amazing people.

You know, I have come to realize that there is another home that always welcomes me with warmth. And smile. Weird? No. It’s just that I always feel this when I step into the house. (you have 3 in total now? grin.)

It’s true that we have not been seeing for some times. But whenever, WHENEVER I go over, always the same treatment. When I was little until now, a grown up. How nice to be treated that way. Which home I’m talking about? Heh I shall keep that to myself. Just want to surprise myself for what will happen in five years time. Will it be the same as it is now? Hopefully.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

.written under the influence of heart and mind.

Finally had my wrap for dinner. Thanks to Zatesa. You are amazing. :)

Well, I am just writing this just to kill time. I have class at ten tomorrow and that is the only class on Wednesday. Planning something, maybe shopping or movie, and of course I thought of going for netball training in the afternoon but that depends on my hands’ condition. Bengkak dengan rate yang pantas. Can’t bend my wrist properly so maybe giving them a rest until Thursday.

So, you have anything in mind what I could do tomorrow? I was thinking to catch up with my previous lectures, but I think that would be a little too ‘heavy’. Heh.

Also, I’m wondering if you talked too much about your feelings, will it go away some time later.

Ah. This heart loves to come up with stuffs. Let mind do the writing.

Oh finally found a house for seven people. It looks more like a bank though. Ha ha. Ground floor has 3 en-suite bedrooms and first floor with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. But! They are not connected. And it takes 15 minutes to go to class unless take the tram that would be less than 5 minutes of course! Still, haven’t decided yet. Maybe will confirm with the owner at the end of this week.

Hmm ok lah. I want to do something else. I have got nothing to write.

Actually, I’ve got my results, and Alhamdulillah the results were okay. :) see, I just don’t want to write about this because my tutor said so many things like:
You should give a pat on your back
You did good
Congratulate yourself!
You know, next year you will have to work harder. <-- not expecting this though..

Hahah Mike Rennison, he’s a very cool tutor. Thanks Mike!

Monday, 21 February 2011

.james blunt.

Yes, I went to his live performance in Sheffield last Saturday. He was brilliant!! Love love love!

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Weird. They are all adults. Acting like none. Selfish.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

.the six colleagues.

I had a, very long weekend. Well, I attended Seminars Inducting New Executive-committee (SINE) training in Manchester for 3 days and 2 nights. It was a preparation to setting up Robogals in UK region and it was really, an awesome experience. My team members are amazing. We didn’t know each other until we met at Manchester Piccadilly Station and walked together to the training location. In fact, we got to stay together in Hatters Hostel, a decent hostel I would say. Good way to make acquaintances ay?

We went out as colleagues on the second night since we didn’t get a break at all. Plus, we slept very early on our first night there. Took about 20 minutes walking to a pub called Thirsty Scholar where we went before dinner because we had our reservation at Nando’s quite late. Yeah. We had a good chat and get along very quickly. I have been a very observant and attentive amongst the members. Funny they said I’m a sweet girl that could not name one bad person on earth.

Oh, we took taxi back to hostel because everybody was worn out. Not just that, we were wearing thin clothes and weather was too cold to walk back.
Funny thing was on the third day of training, we were thrilled to go back to Sheffield. After the group photo, we walked as fast as we could just to catch the next train to Sheffield. Ha ha and I could never imagined that I have missed Sheffield so much!

I am so tired right now. Good thing I only have one class that starts at noon tomorrow. Still, need to get some rest now. Good night all!

Friday, 4 February 2011

.make your life miserable.

Okay. Let me list down my modules for autumn semester.

1. Group design project
2. Experiment and modelling
3. Flow and Power
4. Sensors, actuators and controllers
5. The integrity of materials and components

6. Engineering management

So, what’s the fuss of listing them all? I only have four written exams (100% on exams) which are from 3 to 6. The first two are 100% coursework. Right. Straight to the point shall we. I think I couldn’t think straight just because 4 and 5. These papers, they were my nightmares. Sigh. I’m terribly sorry for myself for taking up these two modules.

See, I have not done feeling sorry for myself yet to found out my new modules for the spring term. This term, three of them are electives. So those are the bold ones.

1. Group design project
2. Mechatronics
3. Advanced fluid mechanics
4. Energy - Properties and optimisation
5. Renewable energy

Let's hope my new resolution (refer .rawr.) is not going to waste.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Hey! This could be the worse exam period. Or maybe not. Last semester was terrible. Ah I still have two papers to go. So I came up with new resolution.

New resolution? To be more consistent. On whatever. Heh. Listing it all here would embarrass me as some of them would definitely be ancient history as early as, right now. So let’s keep it to myself (so I could adjust here and there without your knowing).

Well, good news. I’m the Schools and Students Manager of Robogals (google it, I have no time explaining since its exam week). Pioneer in Sheffield. It just happened, when I had to study.

1. Checking emails on regular basis, and Robogals caught my attention.
2. Completed the application form for executive committee member.
3. Received an email saying 'INTERVIEW BY PHONE' on Saturday. But none.
4. Just yesterday night, while watching Korean dramas, received a call from Australia. Oh. It’s the interview. Last for ten minutes.
5. Application results came out late afternoon today.
6. And hey, you are accepted!

For a second, I thought, it’s my past time to complete all forms. But this one, somehow, cheered me up today. Ha ha ha so happy that I am too tired to study. Can we skip the exams for now? My mind is so tired. dakf;dljnsribgik oh sorry. Head is too heavy that it fell on the keyboard. Ahh I should stop writing now. Talk to you soon!