Monday, 27 December 2010


Oh hey readers! I just got back from Portugal and having cough, sore throat and etc. Still, I’m leaving Sheffield for another week to Bristol and London. O yeah, celebrating New Year in London.

In-flight madness, we had to stay in the plane for five hours because of the snow. Although we have got to fly, we reached Faro airport at 0330 hours. But!!!! Weather was really nice. We were all excited for it was windy and warm.

Anyway, covered four cities in Portugal. Faro, Lisbon, Sintra and Albufeira.
Different cities with different features.

.Faro airport at 0330hours.

.Lisbon at night, view from the top of Elevador De Carmo.

.Moor Castle, the breathtaking view in Sintra.

.Albufeira, got to eat delicious pastries and waffles.

.ho hey! group photo in Faro apartment before we fly back to England.

Well, more photos are on facebook. Sure, if you are a friend of mine, you'll get to see them. Cheers!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

.it's time.

It's christmas people! Have a good holiday!

much love,

.photo taken at Sheffield's Christmas Market on Dec 17th, 2010.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

.which one is you.

What has been kept that makes you a bad or good person?

You are good if you:

*thought that I’m pretty/nice/kind-hearted/etc.
*compliment me.
*say welcome when I’m being thankful for the compliment.

You are bad if you:

*thought that I’m pretty/nice/kind-hearted/etc.
*think complimenting would make me brag.
*instead of saying the good things, you criticised.

So, good person always sincere with their feelings yet a bad person, no, it’s not bad. It is just jealousy. Get control of the feelings, and someday, you’ll know what this post means.

'I', could refer to anyone.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

.being thoughtful, again.

This week is treating me, well. I’ve been busy with uni’s stuffs but still have times to hang out with friends. I am so blessed to have them as my friends.

Knowing you are all alone here, these friends, they really understand. As matter of fact, we are alone here and these friendships make us grow stronger. Not saying that I’ve forgotten friends back home, but we are experiencing different states. Different friends understand different things too. Isn’t it?

And I am enjoying my semester now compared to the two previous semesters. Maybe I am better at handling stresses. Hope it is. I am starting to enjoy time in Information Commons (IC) and staying late at the computer lab with friends, do works together, talk rubbish too. I don’t mind going out in the cold weather to have dinner with these people, and wait, it’s nasi lemak we are talking about. Who could resist when it’s England? Band hero too, just awesome. You know you don’t really sing, but you still want to sing when you are with them. Still, I still couldn’t let my real voice to come out properly, hah.

Although this is the end of semester before we start our exams, with all of the stresses, I am beginning to realize how doing well in university means. Academically, of course. That’s the reason I’m here. Life in university. How could I forget about it? Full of surprises.

What it means to a third year student? It’s not too late for me to realize though university life is coming to an end in blink of an eye. I am going to make the most of these two final years to enjoy life in university and then, to a path I could never turn back, work. Ahhhh spoiler!

Currently craving for wrapz. Gonna ask Zatesa to make one for me. :)

Monday, 6 December 2010

.knock knock.

Finally, I have gotten my new laptop. Ahoy! It’s red and it’s dashing. This has kept me waiting for almost two weeks. So, writing this using my current laptop.

YOU have served me for four years now.
YOU were there for me.
YOU knew exactly what I really want to write.
YOU kept the secrets.

For all I know, you’ve been a good companion.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

.what you are made of.

Life is meaningless without aims.
Aims are not possible without plans.
Plans are created with passion.
Passion relies on one self.

And that one self, must know own capabilities and weaknesses.
You’ll get to know your strength.
Ultimately that strength makes you a winning person.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


I'm sorry for all the times that I hurt you,
Cause everything inside it never comes out right.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


How my heart looks like?


.photo taken on Dec 1st, 2010 near Weston Park, Sheffield, GB.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

.it’s white, once again.

It is here again,
Long since I’ve been waiting.

Let the snow wrap the feeling,
Because it is just soothing.

Just when it is melting,
Wish that feeling is not abiding.

Friday, 26 November 2010


Have you ever felt indescribable of own feelings?
Because I do.
As I thought things going to be alright,
In fact it should be,
Still I don’t think it is.
Not just yet.
Is it me being selfish?
Because the pride has been wounded.

Listening to Switchfoot "I dare you to move".


Everybody probably knew Ibu was in Sheffield for about a month and a half. Now, she is back in Malaysia safely.

Just a day before Ibu went back to Malaysia

Thanks to my friends (Zatesa, Eziana, Hanira, Naem, Harris, Anoz) here, I think Ibu had fun here. Ice-skating, Nando’s after ice-skating, walking through the rain after dinner in Fulwood Inn, celebrating malam raya at Zatesa’s place, drove down to Bath and even we all went to Nottingham games.

Thanks for the generous friendship.

It‘s true saying goodbye is hard, especially to someone that you love so much. Not just someone, the place you’ve been staying, the people and the weather.

We avoid goodbyes. We avoid that situation at all costs. Eventually, it happens and we are not prepared. Then came tears and anger.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

.the sound of silence.

Darkness crawled,
As I was falling asleep,
In the silent and strange night.

Awakened by the vivid glare,
That I was alone, again.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

.a shoulder pad.

We have our shoulders to pat on,
Say it good news,
Or the bad news.

You had your shoulder pad on,
When I was leaning.

Just because,
One day,
When you want to say goodbye,
You will leave,
Without doubt that you have never missed me.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

.partner and soul mate.

If partner and soul mate is a two different person,
How would you love?
Boys Over Flower

.happiness is real.

Be happy

For life is short,
For heart needs a break,
For heart wants to sing along with the walking,
For an expression to be remembered,
For sorrow to be forgotten,
For loneliness to be filled,
For someone has been longing for it,
For joy is in front of you,
For it costs nothing but sincerity.


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

.white lies.

My attendance for the past few weeks is excellent. Thanks to Ibu for waking me up every single day even when I’m not feeling like going to class. There was one day, I was too lazy, and I am all ready for class. On my way to the lecture theatre, “Zat, are you home? I’m lazy to go to class,” text that I sent to Zatesa. Well, I was too tired, and fell asleep at her place. So I guess Ibu will know I’ve cut classes on that day (Sorry! I lied).

Apparently, there were two classes because last lecture was cancelled due to a sick lecturer. Management class really, I could not pay attention to it. Plus, it’s a two hour class. Not planning to talk about the classes, just saying that I’ve skipped classes on that day. And, it is actually about Ibu going back to Malaysia this weekend. Sigh.

Here comes discipline, house chores and boredom. Again.

Monday, 4 October 2010

.here, again.

Hello world!

I am finally back in Sheffield. For my third year of studies. So I've missed most of my first week classes, but managed to catch up.

Anyway, I came back with Ibu and Abah. We went up to Edinburgh during the weekend by train. It was a very long journey although it was three hours long. Surprised? That was caused by few non considerate neighbours who talk but doesn't know when to stop.

Edinburgh Castle

We went to country side, and ended up at the Safari and Adventure Park. Amazing thing is, we drove in the animal reserves habitat. And this is life threatening.


We actually covered number of places in a day. We stopped by at Linlithgow Palace and the Deep Sea World (Seafari). Well, it was a short but lovely visit there. Would want to go again for skiing. Plus, Starbucks' mug, missed again!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

.the fact that people write about me.

You know when you are at your best. So do I. I have got to write about what I really think right now as some just don’t realize writing a blog for personal grudge is so lame.

Of course, some will be surprised if it is open to public. Some say share the link in Facebook.

IF, I were the person talked about in a blog, I would want to do so. But, I have moral that I shouldn’t be embarrassing people in that kind of way. Plus, I respect others’ lifestyles. So, for those who are writing about others, write nicely. It’s not that I am insecure of my status, but may affect your status with the One. Say it to my face if you are not satisfied. No?


Saturday, 11 September 2010

.raya '10.

Oh raya! I’m glad to be here, in Malaysia. In fact, very grateful cause I’ve got to spend the celebration with my families and beloveds. I had my first day of Eid in Schiphol Airport, to Manchester Airport and to Sheffield, last year. So, sounds very promising right this year?

Geared up, Abah, Ibu and I went to Penang before we head back to Sg. Petani which is my kampong. Penang was thrilling cause have not been there for quite awhile. Though time spent in Penang was too short. On the way back to Sg. Petani we stopped at the bazaar where people sold hari raya clothes, mercun, food and etc. It was okay. No, it was not so okay. Too crowded, I think.

Eh. Nadia? Abang, Sheda and Dhia? Oh they came back on the next day because Nadia had to go to work. Talking about Nadia, she’s getting married in five days! God, time flies too fast. We do things together, whatever that came across our minds. Jamming the nation, complaining about everything, shopping when we get upset. Oh dear, I am happy for her but I am also going to miss her very much.

So, here I welcome my new family member, Akmal Hazwan. Take good care of my sister or else.... ;)

oh yes! To Dhia Sabrina, my niece that was born on May 22nd, 2010. My little sweetie cherry pie.

Okay, back at raya story. 1st day of raya, we went to relatives houses in Sg. Petani and Kepala Batas. Had limited time for each houses as the time keeper (abah) says half an hour per house. With very sweaty bodies and tired minds, we drove down to Ipoh. Celebrated with Ibu's family and took few photographs with the relatives. And after jamak our Isya'and Maghrib prayers, we headed back to Shah Alam, but, to Aunty Harison's house. Poor thing she has to stay at home as she is on call duty. Craving for rice cause had too much of ketupat, rendang and lemang along the way to Shah Alam. Before 12 midnight, all of us arrived home safely and had a very long rest until the next morning. No, afternoon. Correction, that's just me. He he he...

Till I write again, cheers!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


you are a friend when:

1. not being jealous of your friend's success

2. always be by friend's side through thick and thin

3. don't take friend for granted

4. compete in a healthy manner and don't try to pull friend's down


5. d'oh! Just be a good friend dope!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Easter Holiday started with a three days trip to London and the rest were in Paris and Holland. Just a quick review here with some photos.
See, we went to Eiffel Tower on our first night in Paris. Oh god, it was cold. Very cold indeed. But, hey! It's a pretty awesome view here.

And I wasn't sure where had my senses go cos I actually climbed this Eiffel to 2nd Tier. Senses were put aside, and I could breathe the clean air of Paris [eh?]. Well, I was short of breathe. *winks*

On weekends, took a short day trip to Magny-Le-Hongre by the RATP from central Paris. What's that Magny thing? That's where Disneyland Paris is. And they have awesome rides! *thinking* It was raining all day. So I enjoyed the rides, rides, and... oh! Animagique [Google it! Bahhhh].

Recognize something? Yes that was taken in Keukenhof, Holland. It was during the early spring. Stayed at Eden Amsterdam Hotel which was in the central. Walking distance to the Red Light District, the university, and few steps to the tram station. Eveything went the way they should and I would love to go to Amsterdam, again.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

.quick updates.

Whew... aren’t today and the last date I have updated my blog like, gap with overwhelmed S’s? Well just a quick update what is happening before I write about what happened during Easter.

1. I had the worst sleeping pattern ever. This is all caused by a module that needs to be done in a month but I happily done it within two days time.

2. I overslept OVER a panadol. Who doesn’t? But it shouldn’t be happening to me since I took pain killers few years back. New formulae eh?

3. Class cutting! This must be over, now! Really, now. Not next week or the week after! Exam is coming very soon. Submissions datelines are soon enough to give me sleeping pattern that I probably recovering it from the recent submission. Catch up with whatever that is important, will improve [nodding].

4. And yes, prayer time, Isya’ at 2230hours? MasyaAllah.

5. Interesting thing, apart from the tiring week, I will be hiring a car to head to Manchester, Torbay and Bicester Village. The original plan was to go to Manchester only, but since the car hiring is cheap [expenses will be cheap too, cause there will be Zatesa, Naem and Iwan], so decided to go around. Torbay is just a random picked place to go and Bicester is to shop. You know what I mean.. Photos will probably be disappointing since the LCD camera’s is cracked. Will see what the pro can do. ;)

Well I think that’s about it. I will definitely post some photos taken over the Easter break, soon.

Monday, 8 February 2010

.it's spring time.

Here goes the new timetable.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

.one moment.

I have finally done with my autumn semester. Let’s pray hard for good results, though I sometimes realize that I have always revised for the very last minute. Well been in school, college, and now university, I bring that habit along. How can I leave it back in Malaysia? Grin.

So, spring semester commences in few days time. 8th February, to be exact. My timetable? Hang on there, will be uploaded, soon. Cheers!

Friday, 29 January 2010

.double occasion.

It's been awhile since I last blogged. Well, been busy with studies and also some other stuffs. Plus, I still have another one exam to go, then spring semester commences the next few days. So, blogging today (30/01/2010 Malaysia time) just to wish
my dearest sister, Nadia, happy birthday, and I love you loads!


To Nadia Azmi and Akmal Hazwan

Congratulations on your engagement.

<3, Dira.