Thursday, 23 September 2010

.the fact that people write about me.

You know when you are at your best. So do I. I have got to write about what I really think right now as some just don’t realize writing a blog for personal grudge is so lame.

Of course, some will be surprised if it is open to public. Some say share the link in Facebook.

IF, I were the person talked about in a blog, I would want to do so. But, I have moral that I shouldn’t be embarrassing people in that kind of way. Plus, I respect others’ lifestyles. So, for those who are writing about others, write nicely. It’s not that I am insecure of my status, but may affect your status with the One. Say it to my face if you are not satisfied. No?


Saturday, 11 September 2010

.raya '10.

Oh raya! I’m glad to be here, in Malaysia. In fact, very grateful cause I’ve got to spend the celebration with my families and beloveds. I had my first day of Eid in Schiphol Airport, to Manchester Airport and to Sheffield, last year. So, sounds very promising right this year?

Geared up, Abah, Ibu and I went to Penang before we head back to Sg. Petani which is my kampong. Penang was thrilling cause have not been there for quite awhile. Though time spent in Penang was too short. On the way back to Sg. Petani we stopped at the bazaar where people sold hari raya clothes, mercun, food and etc. It was okay. No, it was not so okay. Too crowded, I think.

Eh. Nadia? Abang, Sheda and Dhia? Oh they came back on the next day because Nadia had to go to work. Talking about Nadia, she’s getting married in five days! God, time flies too fast. We do things together, whatever that came across our minds. Jamming the nation, complaining about everything, shopping when we get upset. Oh dear, I am happy for her but I am also going to miss her very much.

So, here I welcome my new family member, Akmal Hazwan. Take good care of my sister or else.... ;)

oh yes! To Dhia Sabrina, my niece that was born on May 22nd, 2010. My little sweetie cherry pie.

Okay, back at raya story. 1st day of raya, we went to relatives houses in Sg. Petani and Kepala Batas. Had limited time for each houses as the time keeper (abah) says half an hour per house. With very sweaty bodies and tired minds, we drove down to Ipoh. Celebrated with Ibu's family and took few photographs with the relatives. And after jamak our Isya'and Maghrib prayers, we headed back to Shah Alam, but, to Aunty Harison's house. Poor thing she has to stay at home as she is on call duty. Craving for rice cause had too much of ketupat, rendang and lemang along the way to Shah Alam. Before 12 midnight, all of us arrived home safely and had a very long rest until the next morning. No, afternoon. Correction, that's just me. He he he...

Till I write again, cheers!