Monday, 4 October 2010

.here, again.

Hello world!

I am finally back in Sheffield. For my third year of studies. So I've missed most of my first week classes, but managed to catch up.

Anyway, I came back with Ibu and Abah. We went up to Edinburgh during the weekend by train. It was a very long journey although it was three hours long. Surprised? That was caused by few non considerate neighbours who talk but doesn't know when to stop.

Edinburgh Castle

We went to country side, and ended up at the Safari and Adventure Park. Amazing thing is, we drove in the animal reserves habitat. And this is life threatening.


We actually covered number of places in a day. We stopped by at Linlithgow Palace and the Deep Sea World (Seafari). Well, it was a short but lovely visit there. Would want to go again for skiing. Plus, Starbucks' mug, missed again!