Tuesday, 20 July 2010


you are a friend when:

1. not being jealous of your friend's success

2. always be by friend's side through thick and thin

3. don't take friend for granted

4. compete in a healthy manner and don't try to pull friend's down


5. d'oh! Just be a good friend dope!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Easter Holiday started with a three days trip to London and the rest were in Paris and Holland. Just a quick review here with some photos.
See, we went to Eiffel Tower on our first night in Paris. Oh god, it was cold. Very cold indeed. But, hey! It's a pretty awesome view here.

And I wasn't sure where had my senses go cos I actually climbed this Eiffel to 2nd Tier. Senses were put aside, and I could breathe the clean air of Paris [eh?]. Well, I was short of breathe. *winks*

On weekends, took a short day trip to Magny-Le-Hongre by the RATP from central Paris. What's that Magny thing? That's where Disneyland Paris is. And they have awesome rides! *thinking* It was raining all day. So I enjoyed the rides, rides, and... oh! Animagique [Google it! Bahhhh].

Recognize something? Yes that was taken in Keukenhof, Holland. It was during the early spring. Stayed at Eden Amsterdam Hotel which was in the central. Walking distance to the Red Light District, the university, and few steps to the tram station. Eveything went the way they should and I would love to go to Amsterdam, again.