Friday, 27 May 2011

.oh hello.

Hello all. I have totally abandoned my blog. For some reason. No. I forgot I have a blog. Smirk. Well, it's exam weeks. Just finished a paper and have another two to go.

Abah is here, visiting. He came down from Oslo and going back to Malaysia tomorrow which is Saturday. At least, I am no longer a home sick person. Lol. It's good to see him.

Anyway, I'm not feeling very well. Since early May. Had some problems with my health. Should have taken good care of myself rather than just doing the overload works.

BUT, despite the health issues and exams, managed to organize a trip to Italy, right after exam! London-Rome-Venice-Verona-Milan. Nice ay? Yeah then will head back to London to meet my beloved families and off we go to Brussels and Amsterdam. Hee so excited. Currently busy planning to get a US visa for next summer vacation, New York maybe. Planning to go Spain this coming winter. And any other time for German, Switzerland and Austria. Then I will think about going to the Eastern Europe. "Wahh spending money like you earn them," said Abah. What can I do, you give me money, I spend for travelling expenses. Better than to shop, right? At least I get to see the world. Grin.

Okay, going to watch Maharaja Lawak and rest. Talk to you soon okay. x

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

.out of topic.

It ain't easy to love.
But when you have got one for yourself,
Learn how to keep it safe and sound in your heart.

Truthfully, I am pissed. Bye.