Sunday, 1 November 2009

.3rd runner up.

Remember the netball match I’ve mentioned earlier? It was awesome! Everyone played so well. Congratulations to all! Other than that, we were happy taking photos of course!

I've got myself sandwiched between the opponents. Graceful game? Very. Hardly bend my right knee now. Sigh.

But! Had my nasi lemak, rendang ayam, ayam masak merah and tepung pelita. Grin. And.. and... I’m very excited to get myself a blender so I can start cooking other dishes. (p/s: I'll come back with a double degree - culinary arts and mechanical engineering ;> )

Thursday, 29 October 2009

.the bit.

You know what is terrible? Having too much of food consumption. Aahhh it’s like stuffing food in your mouth when your throat says no and stomach says “will burst in a bit”. That’s not the interesting bit here.

I’m going to Nottingham to participate in the Malaysian Nottingham Games and it is, one of the biggest event held in the UK. Yes, I’ll be playing for the netball team, as the wing defender (sometimes goal defender though I admit I’m no good at it). Photos, of course will be uploaded as soon as I come back. It is just a one day event (i.e on the Oct, 31st). Oh please, remind me of the camera!

Mind me using ‘bit’ too much. :)

Saturday, 10 October 2009

.syukri shairi.

Happy Birthday Syukri Shairi

Thank you for being a great [in some cases annoying] friend. Cheers!

Friday, 2 October 2009

.superior and grieves.

I’m getting the sensation of cooking. I’ve cooked chicken curry and soup. Yummy! At first trial, chicken curry tasted good. Well both tasted good. Though the potatoes cooked with curry wasn’t done very well like the chicken soup. Weh! Empuk okayh! Smirk. Uh. Enough talking about food. I eat too much here. Probably I’m just getting used to the weather as well as the walking.

I’m missing everyone at home. Sometimes feel awkward when you have to spend time alone when your friends are busy with classes or some other activities that you’re just not interested to join. Still, it appears that my family and my beloveds are always on Skype, Yahoo Messenger and MSN to talk to. Of course, that makes you realize you’re thousands miles away from home.

Classes started, and it’s not as hectic as I thought. But yes, I have to make loads of efforts to study what I’ve been taught in classes when I’m home. Not easy I tell you, because at the very same time when you need to get some food, you cook and clean for yourself. You do the laundry, you do the folding, and you get the back ache as well. And it is just not easy when you have a flatmate (referring to one particular girl) that doesn’t know how to do the cleaning (or just being ignorant?unintelligent?). Get the rubbish, and throw it in the bin. Do the cleaning, do the cleaning, get it?

Okay, I should get some sleep for tomorrow’s social day. Planning on going for a social sports organized by the Massoc (i.e Malaysian Singaporean Society). Oh to do laundry too! I will be writing again, soon. Cheers!

.as promised.

AUTUMN SEMESTER 28/09/09 TO 06/02/10

click the image to view clearly yeap. :)

Monday, 28 September 2009

.plain day.

This is only my first week day of academic classes. What can I say. My day onwards will be and going to be busy from nine in the morning to one or two in the afternoon. Groan. I’ll post my timetables when I get my labs and tutorials confirmed.

Aaaaaaaahh.. I’ve been having chicken curry for lunch and dinner. Sunday and Monday, to be precise. Yeah. It’s because my cooking tasted good (believe it or not, I’m good at it!), though my potatoes doesn’t cooked well. Getting myself a chicken soup recipe from Ibu and will try to cook on weekend. Apparently, that’s the only day I’m free from the typical hectic engineering student’s life.

Apart from the busy day, I went to Fiona’s room for the first time after she bought some dinner at Subways (so did I). It’s huge. I came across the mirror, notice board and everything reachable in a stretch. Oh yes, “This is for the disable actually, maybe they had no room left when I moved in. You see here, (walked to the wall and showed how she shut her window with the help of a pedal” as I remembered. Grin.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

.growling stomach cost you cooking.

Don’t you think so? I saw tempting packets of Asam Laksa maggi when I was buying groceries to cook chicken curry tomorrow. Well then, since I’m too tired to walk elsewhere to get some food (after walking more than 3 hours at the mall and had handful of shopping bags), I bought 2 packets of maggi. And here’s the photos taken when I was contemplating not to finish it at a go. :) ohh maggi story...

Thursday, 24 September 2009

.just before dinner.

At this hour, everyone at home is getting ready for a visit from Nadia’s future family in law. Well I’ll say I obviously looking forward for this kind of events at home since she’s the only sister I have. So when it comes to a wedding, preparation is going to be very interesting yet exhausting. I have to admit though when Abang’s wedding preparation I wasn’t involved so much. Here I am, not a chance to be there for Nadia’s events. Sigh. Oh wait, I’ll be there for the wedding, of course.

Just so you know, I’m in Sheffield that's midland of England. I catch my breathe every time I reach my department. Climbing up and walking down the hills is normal here. Wait till I come back, I’ll positively look fit!

Well, that’s part of the small town in Sheffield. I have not been to Meadowhall yet. I heard they have one of the biggest shopping complexes in the United Kingdom. Will pay a visit one day, this weekend probably?

She’s a friend of mine here. Fiona, she’s from Torquay that’s South of England. Try this

Okay, going to have dinner. Subway? Fish and Chips? Cheers!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Let’s just face it at the very first place. I’m not a good writer. But I love to read others’ blogs and appreciate blogs that are well written. In fact, my best friend convinced me to start blogging for long ago. Here I am, writing my first ever blog. At least it worth that I do blog now.

I say blogging is one for troubleshoot my lonesomeness, for now. One never knows what blogging could do to me. I might get caught enjoying blogging as much as I love reading others’?

with love, Dira.