Monday, 24 October 2011

.my mother.

I have come to realize, how I rely on my mother in so many things. She used to stay with me in Sheffield for about 7 weeks. In a cubicle studio. So technically we bumped into each other 24/7.

We sleep on the same bed, we pillow talk, we went for road trip, we go ga-ga doing the online shopping, we gobble our food over some Korean/English/Malay movies, we walk in the city and the park. We did almost everything together.

Now, my final year in Sheffield. I live with friends. I must say, happening. But, I miss her presence.

When I'm hungry, she'll let me eat. When I'm bored, she'll say do your work/let’s walk in the park/let’s go to the city/let’s online shop again! When I want to watch movies, she’ll just join without complaining about what movie we are going to watch. When exam is coming, she’ll accompany me in the night to study. When I have my work done, especially writing thesis/reports, she’ll proofread for me. When I got cut, she’ll nag consistently to put ubat. When I’m being clumsy and hit the cupboard/bed/desk, she actually hit those stuffs back as if they were being clumsy and hit me.

I can’t wait to see you and others. Insyaallah, soon.

To my mother, Ibu, I love you so much. You have been the most wonderful mother that a girl could ask for and I hope I have been wonderful to you too.