Saturday, 27 November 2010

.it’s white, once again.

It is here again,
Long since I’ve been waiting.

Let the snow wrap the feeling,
Because it is just soothing.

Just when it is melting,
Wish that feeling is not abiding.

Friday, 26 November 2010


Have you ever felt indescribable of own feelings?
Because I do.
As I thought things going to be alright,
In fact it should be,
Still I don’t think it is.
Not just yet.
Is it me being selfish?
Because the pride has been wounded.

Listening to Switchfoot "I dare you to move".


Everybody probably knew Ibu was in Sheffield for about a month and a half. Now, she is back in Malaysia safely.

Just a day before Ibu went back to Malaysia

Thanks to my friends (Zatesa, Eziana, Hanira, Naem, Harris, Anoz) here, I think Ibu had fun here. Ice-skating, Nando’s after ice-skating, walking through the rain after dinner in Fulwood Inn, celebrating malam raya at Zatesa’s place, drove down to Bath and even we all went to Nottingham games.

Thanks for the generous friendship.

It‘s true saying goodbye is hard, especially to someone that you love so much. Not just someone, the place you’ve been staying, the people and the weather.

We avoid goodbyes. We avoid that situation at all costs. Eventually, it happens and we are not prepared. Then came tears and anger.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

.the sound of silence.

Darkness crawled,
As I was falling asleep,
In the silent and strange night.

Awakened by the vivid glare,
That I was alone, again.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

.a shoulder pad.

We have our shoulders to pat on,
Say it good news,
Or the bad news.

You had your shoulder pad on,
When I was leaning.

Just because,
One day,
When you want to say goodbye,
You will leave,
Without doubt that you have never missed me.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

.partner and soul mate.

If partner and soul mate is a two different person,
How would you love?
Boys Over Flower

.happiness is real.

Be happy

For life is short,
For heart needs a break,
For heart wants to sing along with the walking,
For an expression to be remembered,
For sorrow to be forgotten,
For loneliness to be filled,
For someone has been longing for it,
For joy is in front of you,
For it costs nothing but sincerity.


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

.white lies.

My attendance for the past few weeks is excellent. Thanks to Ibu for waking me up every single day even when I’m not feeling like going to class. There was one day, I was too lazy, and I am all ready for class. On my way to the lecture theatre, “Zat, are you home? I’m lazy to go to class,” text that I sent to Zatesa. Well, I was too tired, and fell asleep at her place. So I guess Ibu will know I’ve cut classes on that day (Sorry! I lied).

Apparently, there were two classes because last lecture was cancelled due to a sick lecturer. Management class really, I could not pay attention to it. Plus, it’s a two hour class. Not planning to talk about the classes, just saying that I’ve skipped classes on that day. And, it is actually about Ibu going back to Malaysia this weekend. Sigh.

Here comes discipline, house chores and boredom. Again.