Wednesday, 21 April 2010

.quick updates.

Whew... aren’t today and the last date I have updated my blog like, gap with overwhelmed S’s? Well just a quick update what is happening before I write about what happened during Easter.

1. I had the worst sleeping pattern ever. This is all caused by a module that needs to be done in a month but I happily done it within two days time.

2. I overslept OVER a panadol. Who doesn’t? But it shouldn’t be happening to me since I took pain killers few years back. New formulae eh?

3. Class cutting! This must be over, now! Really, now. Not next week or the week after! Exam is coming very soon. Submissions datelines are soon enough to give me sleeping pattern that I probably recovering it from the recent submission. Catch up with whatever that is important, will improve [nodding].

4. And yes, prayer time, Isya’ at 2230hours? MasyaAllah.

5. Interesting thing, apart from the tiring week, I will be hiring a car to head to Manchester, Torbay and Bicester Village. The original plan was to go to Manchester only, but since the car hiring is cheap [expenses will be cheap too, cause there will be Zatesa, Naem and Iwan], so decided to go around. Torbay is just a random picked place to go and Bicester is to shop. You know what I mean.. Photos will probably be disappointing since the LCD camera’s is cracked. Will see what the pro can do. ;)

Well I think that’s about it. I will definitely post some photos taken over the Easter break, soon.